Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Five Days - And Nights - Of Halloween

There's the 12 days of Christmas...and now for the Halloweened frenzied...there are the 5 nights of Halloween at The Grog.

We start on the Friday before Halloween with Third Man High, a funk rock group that did not want to be left out of the costume frenzy. The theme? Funky Halloween.

The next night the Henry Welch Band steps in for a major Halloween Bash. If you show up in get in free! spice up the night, its an Absolut promotion!

Sunday night, Parker Wheeler and Friends gets in on the action with a 'Blues Audience Newsletter' 16th Anniversary Party and a Blues Halloween Party. Diane Blue will be the featured performer and the Newsletter's publisher Diane Shonk will be on hand help judge costumes.

Once we got into this, we couldn't Monday night we're doing Halloween Brazilian-style. "Good Food...Good Music" Banda Ponto Com joins us for what promises to be a real party night!

We thought maybe people needed on night out of costume so we let Tuesday rest. Our Hoot Night on Wednesday, though, will be just that - Open Mic in full costume; what a way to go!

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